Who or  What is Zushie?

The Character:

No, she's not the teenage daughter of Frankenstein and certainly no ones bride.
She's not a Zombie either because she's – and this is very important if you ever meet her in person – ALIVE, not undead. Zushie is the only one who's allowed to use this word!

This wicked woman is a parody of Horror itself and contains several aspects of it, like the role of women in horror stories, but more than anything, she's hella fun.

My goal is it to fill as much pages as I can with the adventures and secrets of this lovely monster.


Zushie is my favourite long-time-project.
Since childhood there was only two characters of mine who stayed on my side daily, for several years. My Muses.

Now it's Zushies turn.

There is no genre, no age, no scenery which she couldn't take over.
She's an outspring of inspiration and I want to introduce her to you.