About me, Sunny-Ray

The Artist

Nobody could stop baby Sunny-Ray of sneaking out of bed and secretly join Mom and Dad watching Horror movies.

With every year Nightmares became more and more fun and Ghouls a better company than the kids at school because humans are scary.

Thats why Monsters are hiding under the bed after all!

The main subject of Sunny-Rays work is a constant chat between dark humor and cute pessimism, an affair of freakish philanthropy and queer body gore.

Every piece starts with pen and paper, coloration is usually digital, to avoid textures that could destroy the illusion, the experience of two-dimensional creatures becoming alive.


Sunny-Ray also once visited the Hamburger Technische Kunstschule in germany, made their graduation in communication design ande use the learned technical know-how to explore further how to free the pictures from the head.

May the paper never run out!